Because kids need Jesus, I’m really excited to tell you about our new Kids’ Ornament Collection for 2020, the goal of which is to teach children of all ages the names of Jesus! There are two sets of kid friendly ornaments in this collection: His Eternal Names and His Family Names.

In the tradition of Elf on a Shelf©️ we created a hide-and-seek game two years ago for families using the 3 gold stars in His Eternal Names. This year the story has been rewritten and it starts like this:

Have you ever wondered about stars and wise men?

Of the search for a king in a town way-back-when?

How’d they know where to look without satellites or maps?

Did men bend over scrolls, candles dripping with wax?

Each star is printed with a name of Jesus and the verse where that name is found. The story is free with purchase of this Kids Ornament Collection. Star ornaments are 7"

Secondly, our 4 small chalkboard houses, His Family Names, are wonderful little gifts for all the children in your life: your own kids, nieces or nephews, grandkids, children at church or the kids in your county foster care system. These ornaments are flat and will easily fit in mailing envelopes or tuck into stockings.

Encourage these children not to hang this ornament on a Christmas tree but to hang it in their room as a reminder all year long that Jesus is: his Brother, her Friend, his Provider, her Teacher. 

A free pdf with 4 stories, one on each of these names, can be downloaded and printed to be included with each chalkboard you give. Chalkboards are 4" x 6".


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Download "Will You Follow His Star?" Booklet

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