Our Journey to Easter Collection includes our best-selling "Waiting for the Lamb" and "Behold the Lamb" calendars and 1set of Resurrection Day Stories.

Designed to help you disciple your children during the Lenten season, our “Waiting for the Lamb” calendar teaches the key Old Testament stories foretelling the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29). Together reading one verse each day from this flip calendar, you count down the days as you move closer and closer to Resurrection Sunday.

The second calendar begins on Palm Sunday and guides you and your family through Holy Week. “Behold the Lamb” teaches the “I AM” declarations of Jesus from the book of John, His bold proclamations as our Savior.

On Easter Sunday, during your brunch or Easter dinner read the included Resurrection Day Stories around the table to experience the wonder and awe of this miraculous event!

-5x7 calendars & cards

-Reuseable annually as a new family tradition

-Designed to be used with our DIY candles

-Content Only (banner not included)


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Ever Thine Home's Easter banner and calendars are tactile, thought-provoking, and beautiful. (It's rare to have a children's activity that also works well with my decor - I love having it out during Lent!) Each year my children sit in rapt attention o my lap and next to me as we read through the calendar. Day by day, they eagerly move the marker on the banner one day closer to Jesus' resurrection. As you might imagine, I'm not sure who loves it more - them, or me!

Sara Hagerty

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