Jesus Tree Ornament Collection
Celebrate the Christmas season with this beautiful ornament collection and trim your tree with the names of Jesus.These 16 ornaments are reminders of who Jesus is and why He came.
1 Set of His Advent Names (total of 4) - $35
  Advent, means “His Coming”. Make it more meaningful as you hang our 4 globes and remember ‘for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son’ (John 3:16). Place one each week of Advent or all at once when you decorate your tree. These messages, “Jesus is the Son”, “Jesus is the Messenger”, “Jesus is the Word” and “Jesus is the Light” with corresponding verses on each side of the globe remind us just how special the Christmas season is.  
1 Set of His Eternal Names (total of 3) - $15

His Eternal Names display three eternal names of Jesus; Bright Morning Star, Alpha and Omega, and Eternal Father. All three names are lettered in ivory on three gold very lightly glittered stars.

Two sided, each ornament displays a name of Jesus and a Bible verse. Each star hangs from a woven cream and gold cord. The set Includes a small book, titled Star of Wonder, with 3 read-aloud stories about each of these names of Jesus. (7″)

1 Set of His Family Names (total of 4) - $20

God created the family, Jesus had an earthly family, and He invites us to join His forever family. Jesus showed His followers God’s intentions for these relationships by explaining to us His Father, calling us His friends, declaring Himself our brother and provider. Add to your understanding of our Savior and King by hanging these new names of Jesus on your tree this year.

These adorable house shaped wood ornaments display four of Jesus’ names which help us understand God’s intentions for our families are made in India and are 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″.

1 Set of His Name Among the Nations (total of 5) - $15

Five metal ornaments printed with the beautiful name of Jesus translated into: Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic and Mandarin. Proclaim Jesus’ heart for ALL people around the globe and profess that:

“[His] name will be great among nations” Malachi 1:11.

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